From ancient time human race is carrying the immersive power of creativity and finding new ideas of living. Today in this era where the complete world is suffering from economic crysis. VFX industry is the field where one can find million of opportunities.Today VFX is the field where you can find number of possibilities of…

Talking about our country,we have done a excellent progress in this sector. As India is a place where the international market is looking to setup their facility.

India is a place where there are 850 active channels.We are producing nearly 2000 movies every year from which 1000 are only Bollywood,and other are in regional languages.As having good number of IT engineers we are also making a enormous progress in software designing and development also.

According to a survey in 2017 we have having more active internet users in our country the USA where China is still in first position.

Where we are having such huge amount of internet users,then one thing which is required for sure is CONTENT.

People in this era want everyday a new film and web series for their daily life from entertainment to story telling everything and for further things also.

So joining this industry would be a golden opportunity for the youth and other people where you can directly get your connection to digital media and to the upcoming future.We are having N number of opportunity in this sector and more then that we are having a excitement and a zeal to make things that people believe. Our country is the first choice for international market because we are having a lot of enthusiast.Whether making a character like Thanos in Endgame or in making a huge set like Baahubali in we are able to execute each and everything in a proper way then any other country.

We have made enormous progress in our own movies for making huge sets and to make them look real.From Mughal-E-Azam to Padmavaat we have made an enormous progress in this long journey.

Joining the VFX industry will not only help in building career but also to explore each time something new discovering new technology and to look everything in a different way.



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