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24 FPS

Held every year, the 24FPS International Animation Awards are a unique platform for film-making using the medium of 3D Animation, Live Action and Visual Effects (VFX).

The Awards promote animation talent from across India & around the world. Initiated by MAAC in 2003,

this event has grown to become one of the most prestigious Awards in the industry.

24FPS Awards are given in various categories, including :

  • 3D Animation
  • 2D Animation
  • VFX
  • Game Design
  • TV ads…and more!

24FPS offers a chance to students & studio professionals to showcase their talent. Youngsters get an opportunity to have their work viewed & assessed by world-class experts working with top studios. Thus, students get to understand what the industry demands. Over the years, films, ads & other work screened at 24FPS has gained world-wide recognition on various platforms.

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National Students Meet

Program highlights

  • Photography & Cinematography
  • Motion Capture
  • Story writing, storytelling & pre-visualization
  • Detailed case studies of Best Visual Effects & Animation National/ International feature films
  • Next-gen game designs & gaming technology
  • Visual computing technology & its role in Hollywood blockbusters
  • Live contests on Art & Craft and Digital Technology with fabulous prizes for winners

MAAC organizes the National Students' Meet exclusively for the Academy's students. The event brings together Animation & VFX experts to help students gain knowledge of how the industry works.

MAAC students get to attend seminars, panel discussions, workshops & case studies of Indian & international projects in the Animation & VFX industry. They also participate in various teambuilding exercises and live contests & go for studio visits.

Highlights of NSM 2011

The 8th edition of NSM 2011 was held successfully at Hotel Imperial Palace, Mumbai, from January 24th to 28th, 2011.


SRIJAN Edufair

MAAC's Srijan Edufair is a well-known event in the industry. The Edufair showcases the best work created by MAAC students in the categories of:

  • Pre-Production
  • Pre-Production
  • Post-Productio

During the Edufair, industry professionals showcase animation projects and conduct live contests, workshops, seminars & case studies. They also mentor & guide students on various industry trends & software/ technologies currently in use.

Job Magnet & more

Job Magnet (a career fair) and the Career Helpdesk are set up to guide students on various career choices & to assist them with job placements. Top studios which participated in the Job Magnet last year included

  • Whitwings
  • Gameshastra
  • Prime Focus
  • MagicSpangle
  • Ajani Infotech
  • Sparrows 3D

Almost 172 students were successfully interviewed during this Job Magnet.


Student's Activities